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AVLIC 2016 update

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What an amazing time in Fredericton! There were so many MAPSLI members around, and tons of people from across the country that we don’t get to see all the time, such a great week for meeting people and connecting with colleagues.

When going to meetings, special topic sessions, and the AGM I was so grateful to have the support of the MAPSLI board and the MAPSLI members who were able to give their opinions and support. It was amazing to share this space with so many talented and positive people.

Here’s all the Nova Scotia people we could find!

At this conference we saw Debbie Johnson-Powell win the Phyllis Joynt Mentorship award. What an amazing honour to be able to see her win this award in front of so many of her east coast colleagues. Such a great moment.

Ashley Campbell became AVLIC President at this AGM as well, and when accepting the ceremonial AVLIC gavel, she revealed that it is actually older than she is! Believe that!

Seeing that picture reminds me of another thing that really stuck with me from this conference. It is so amazing to be in a space where almost everything is interpreted into both ASL and LSQ. Being aware of the interpreter teams working at this conference was eye opening. Interpreting in a room full of interpreters who switch back and forth between four languages cannot be an easy feat, and they did it with grace and professionalism.

Fredericton was a great experience, I’m sure if you were there you would agree. Hope to repeat it in 2018 in Niagara Falls!