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AVLIC 2016 update

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What an amazing time in Fredericton! There were so many MAPSLI members around, and tons of people from across the country that we don’t get to see all the time, such a great week for meeting people and connecting with colleagues.

When going to meetings, special topic sessions, and the AGM I was so grateful to have the support of the MAPSLI board and the MAPSLI members who were able to give their opinions and support. It was amazing to share this space with so many talented and positive people.

Here’s all the Nova Scotia people we could find!

At this conference we saw Debbie Johnson-Powell win the Phyllis Joynt Mentorship award. What an amazing honour to be able to see her win this award in front of so many of her east coast colleagues. Such a great moment.

Ashley Campbell became AVLIC President at this AGM as well, and when accepting the ceremonial AVLIC gavel, she revealed that it is actually older than she is! Believe that!

Seeing that picture reminds me of another thing that really stuck with me from this conference. It is so amazing to be in a space where almost everything is interpreted into both ASL and LSQ. Being aware of the interpreter teams working at this conference was eye opening. Interpreting in a room full of interpreters who switch back and forth between four languages cannot be an easy feat, and they did it with grace and professionalism.

Fredericton was a great experience, I’m sure if you were there you would agree. Hope to repeat it in 2018 in Niagara Falls!

DVD Library

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DVD Lending Library

All In Due Time
ASL Narratives on Childbirth (2003)
This two-CD set features six deaf parents sharing their experiences surrounding the birth of their children, from home birth to caesarean section. An excellent resource for receptive skills practice and medical interpreting. Includes ideas for using the CD and links to web resources that help interpreters prepare for work with this material or ob/gyn appointments they may be scheduled to interpret.
Use with This One’s for You, Baby! study packet.
Birth Companions
Perspectives on Childbirth from Healthcare Professionals (2005)
This resource features deaf and hearing birth professionals discussing their work. It provides rich source material for content, knowledge, analysis and interpreting practice. With video of an actual pre-natal interview appointment.
Use with This One’s for You, Baby! study packet.
By the Book
Interpreting the County Jail Intake Process (2004)
What should you expect when interpreting an intake for the county jail? This CD was developed to walk interpreters through the process, introduce specialized vocabulary and offer an opportunity to view the jail setting. Additional resources include an experienced interpreter’s perspective on this type of interpreting, as well as links to more information for further education on the legal system.
Goats, Trolls, and Numbskulls 
A Middle School Lecture on Folklore Genres with Lise Lunge-Larsen (2003)
A presentation by Lise Lunge-Larsen, a native of Norway with a Master’s in applied linguistics, to a 7th grade English class. She establishes a framework for understanding genres of folktales and then provides excellent examples of each genre. Meet the deaf student who is the audience for the interpretation and meet the classroom teacher who introduces the guest speaker. Featuring sample interpretations by Doug Bowen-Bailey, transcripts and captioning for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. A useful tool for educational interpreters.
Hurry Up & Wait
Interpreting a Visit to an Emergency Department (2005)
Experience working in a hospital’s emergency department without being called at 2:00 AM.  This DVD features a guided tour of St. Mary’s Medical Center’s Emergency Department and an extremely realistic scenario with a deaf patient in the emergency department. The format allows you work with the situation as if you are the interpreter and observe the interpretation created during filming. An accompanying study packet and website gives you suggestions for working with the video, reflections from the original interpreter and ideas for thinking about the relationship of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.
Use with study packet of the same name.
Internal Discussions: An Appointment in Cardiology (2003)
This CD applies the material presented in the To the Heart of the Matter CD to real doctor’s appointments.  The scenario provides interpreters with an opportunity to practice interpreting interactive medical appointments, review a sample interpretation of the appointment and gain insight into the preparation for such appointments through pre- and post-session discussions with the interpreter. The interpreter’s processes are shared before and after the appointments, regarding prediction, preparation and decision making. Features several options for playing the videos to allow you to practice both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. English portions are captioned for deaf interpreters and instructors.
Use with Steps to the Beat study packet.
Internal Discussions: An Appointment in Gastroenterology (2004)
This rich, comprehensive resource for medical interpreting practice follows a deaf patient’s appointment with a gastroenterological nurse, offering an opportunity to apply the information you learned from Stomach This! Includes a variety of resources, such as vocabulary and webt links, suggestions for using this CD in conjunction with Stomach This!, interpreter perspectives and video of the patient, nurse and interpreter. With captions and a segment featuring a deaf interpreter working from the other interpreter’s feed for deaf interpreters and instructors.
Use with Bite Sized Pieces study packet.
Interactive Potpourri 
Six Interactive Situations for Interpreting Practice (2002)
Six interactive scenarios with deaf and non-deaf people in real-life situations. Several scenarios feature two deaf people interacting with a non-deaf person, presenting an opportunity to practice the unique challenge of managing interpretations in those situations. An excellent resource for ASL to English and English to ASL practice.
In Transition
Interactive Situations for Interpreting Practice on Transition to College (2002)
Three interactive scenarios with deaf and non-deaf people in a post-secondary setting. An excellent resource for practicing ASL to English and English to ASL interpreting skills. Includes preparation materials for each scenario, outlines and scripts, and strategies for use.
Literacy Lessons
Storytelling in ASL and Cued Language (2002)
Three P.D. Eastman stories: Go, Dog. Go!, Are You My Mother? and Sam and the Firefly are told in ASL by Tracy Bell Koster and in Cued Speech by Tori Erikson. A unique resource that shows how American Sign Language and Cued Speech can both be used to promote literacy in deaf and hard of hearing children. An excellent resource for parents, teachers, interpreters and translators.
Mentor to Mentor (2002)
Albert Walla outlines techniques for building a constructive mentorship and provides effective tools for assessment and skill development. Includes sample mentoring sessions followed by analysis. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in mentoring. Contains useful worksheets and materials.
Mirrored Math
Five Parallel Math Lessons in ASL and English  (2002)
Five advanced algebra lessons taught in ASL by Steven Fuerst, a high school math teacher at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf and in English by Harv Schuldt, a retired high school math teacher from Faribault, MN. An excellent tool for developing ASL to English and English to ASL math skills.
Navigating Discourse Genres 
ASL and English Texts on Canoeing in the BWCA (2002)
Introductory genre theory and its application to the interpreting process. Includes samples of five genres presented in ASL and English, sample interpretations, and tools and strategies for working with the CD. With scripts, outlines and resources for further study. A rich resource for ASL to English and English to ASL interpreting practice.
Use with An Eye for Details study packet.
She Said! He Said!
Monologues and Dialogues in ASL with Ketsi Carlson and Joshua Hottle (2003)
Conversations between two young adults in ASL on a variety of topics. Featuring video in regular speed and 3/4 time and written outlines to support better comprehension and analysis. An excellent resource for interpreters in post-secondary settings or who interpret for young adults who are making the transition from high school to college or from school to work.
Stomach This! 
The Digestive System in English and ASL (2002)
Our second technical interpreting resource presents parallel lectures on the digestive system, with vocabulary and two levels of instruction (secondary and post-secondary). English lectures are presented by Paul Buttenhoff. ASL lectures are presented by Cara Barnett. An excellent tool for fingerspelling practice.
Use with Bite Sized Pieces study packet.
Take These Meds
Interpreting Visits to a Pharmacy (2005)
This DVD features three deaf people visiting a pharmacy with questions for the pharmacist.  Scenarios relate to asthma, osteoporosis and high blood pressure and diabetes.  Formatted to allow you to work with it consecutively, observe the original interpretation, and work with it simultaneously.  An accompanying study packet and website gives you suggestions for working with the video, reflections from the original interpreter and ideas for thinking about the relationship of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.
Use with study packet of the same name.
To the Heart of the Matter 
The Cardiovascular System (2002)
A cardiovascular system lecture presented by Paul Buttenhoff, assistant professor at St. Catherine University, and Kendall Kail, a deaf student of kinesiology. Includes model interpretations for both lectures by Patty McCutcheon, a nationally certified interpreter. A unique technical interpreting resource for secondary and post-secondary education, vocabulary and fingerspelling.
Use with Steps to the Beat study packet, and An Eye for Details study packet.
When the Law Meets Medicine (2007)
This DVD was developed by Digiterp Communications, in partnership with T.S Writing Services, to demonstrate possible ASL translations of the following texts: A Notice to Patients on Access, The Minnesota Patients’ Bill of Rights, Notice of Privacy Practices, and Information on Advance Health Care Directives. Also includes reflections on the translation in ASL by Trudy Suggs. Designed to be used with the study packet of the same name.