The Maritime Association of Professional Sign Language Interpreters (MAPSLI) was incorporated in May 1992.

MAPSLI is the Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI) only professional association and certifying body representing visual language interpreters in Canada.

Interpreters who are members of MAPSLI work in a variety of settings where Deaf and hearing people wish to communicate, such as medical appointments, meetings, workshops, and schools. Individuals who meet the membership criteria or who are enrolled in an interpreter education program are welcome to join the association.

Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct

Interpreters of MAPSLI maintain high standards of professional conduct in their capacity and identity as interpreters.

As such MAPSLI members value the Code of Ethics laid out by our national organization, the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI):

  • Professional accountability: Accepting responsibility for professional decisions and actions.
  • Professional competence: Committing to provide quality professional service throughout one’s practice.
  • Non-discrimination: Approaching professional service with respect and cultural sensitivity.
  • Integrity in professional relationships: Dealing honestly and fairly with consumers and colleagues.
  • Integrity in business practices: Dealing honestly and ethically in all business practices.

(Refer to for a complete description of AVLIC’s Code of Ethics & Guidelines for Professional Conduct of Interpreters)


MAPSLI’s strive to:

  • Promote the professional development, knowledge, and skills of sign language interpreters
  • Promote public awareness regarding the role of interpreters
  • Promote high ethical standards in the field of interpreting
  • Promote and support the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct as outlined by the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI)
  • Foster mutually supportive interaction between interpreters and consumers, both Deaf and hearing
  • Support and network with other interpreter associations with similar goals and objectives
  • Support the goals and directions of CASLI
  • Raise money to support the above objectives.


Documents and forms are available here for download in pdf format:
MAPSLI Funding Request form Click here
MAPSLI’s bylaws Click here
MAPSLI’s Policies and Procedures Click here
MAPSLI’s Memorandum of Association Click here
Membership Consent Form
Directory of Active Members Consent Form
Cheque Requisition Form
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